We offer SIM Cards and Mobile Plans to international students and Immigrants travelling to Canada, USA, UK, and Australia.

Travelling Abroad - Why Buy Now:

  • Share Your Local Destination Country Phone Number With Your Friends & Family Before You Leave India
  • Exclusive Plans – not available in Destination Country
  • Call back home as soon as you land in Destination Country
  • Trusted postpaid and prepaid brand with global reputation – offers all leading mobile devices
  • Get Connected on Global Best 4G/5G/LTE Network
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The SIM Card will be delivered directly to your home

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Order online and and get the SIM Card of your destination country right away. 

If you are a student, you should be able to get your SIM card through your education consultants in your pre-departure package or at the pre-departure information session.

For further information, please contact us.