Virgin Plus 4G LTE: CAD $35/ 75GB Per Month

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Virgin Plus 75GB Postpaid

  • UNLIMITED Canada-wide calling
  • UNLIMITED Worldwide text messaging from Canada
  • 75 GB 4G LTE speeds data
  • Call display and voicemail

Bonus on Every Plan

  • Free Add-on: 1000 long distance calling minutes from Canada per month (Included countries: India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom)
  • Member Benefits


Prices may increase during subscription.
New activations only

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    Virgin Plus - Disclaimer
    • Bring-your-own device rate plans are on a 30-day term and will continue month-to-month thereafter. Rates are subject to change. See
    • A credit will be provided on the first bill for service fee incurred from activation prior to service in use in Canada.
    • Canada-Wide calling: Canada-Wide Calling applies to calls made from Canada to a Canadian number or calls received from any number while you are inside Canada.
    • Plans with 4G LTE data speed may reach download speeds of up to 150 Mbps. 4G LTE plans provide the coverage and reliability of the LTE network. Speed and signal strength may vary with your device, configuration, Internet traffic, environmental conditions, applicable network management and other factors.
    • Long distance charges on calls to the U.S. are 75¢/min. in addition to your local per minute rate.
    • Unlimited Text Messaging is only valid when message is sent from Canada.  Text messages sent within the U.S. or internationally, premium text messages, text alerts, messages sent with an instant messaging application and dial-up messages are not included in any plan and cost extra.
    • Standard out of country roaming and international long distance rates apply.
    • Applicable 911 fees apply. Fees withheld will be remitted to the government.
    • Apps on your smartphone use data, too. If you want to avoid Pay-Per-Use data charges make sure to turn data off on your phone.
    • Data overage $20/GB in Canada.
    • Pay-per-use rates apply to usage exceeding what's included in your rate plan. Subject to change over time. See a list of full additional usage charges and one time charges.
    • One-time connection service fee of $60 applies and will be waived with new activations.
    • Prices above may increase during subscription. If required, Virgin will give you written notice of these price increases at least 30 days before the effective date. Taxes extra. Taxes, prorated charges and applicable usage charges are not set out above and will be shown on bill.
    • Services are subject to Virgin Plus Terms of Service
    • For information on how to manage your Virgin Plus account, please visit My Account Support.
    • For understanding your bill and usage, please visit Bill and Usage
    • Please visit here and ensure your phone is compatible before your departure to Canada.
    • Unlimited nationwide 5G data plans: Include data at speeds of up to 250 Mbps for the allotted amount on your plan. Once you reach your data allotment, speeds will be reduced up to 256 Kbps. Higher bandwidth applications (such as emails with attachments, social media, video streaming), may still work but will take longer to load. We will send you a text message notifying you when you have used 95% and 100% of the 5G (full-speed) allotment included in your plan, at which point you may choose to upgrade to a price plan with greater full speed data allotment. Data is non-shareable. Excludes Roam Sweet Roam.
    • 5G access requires a compatible device and a compatible rate plan (even if a 5G symbol appears on your device). Coverage is approximate, may vary and may not include indoor coverage; see Speed, performance and whether a 5G device uses the available 5G network depend on various factors including: your rate plan, topography, environmental conditions, the current serving radio conditions at your location and whether the device is actively downloading or uploading data. Access is subject to Virgin Plus' management of network resources, using methods which include internet traffic management practices. See Starting in select areas of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montréal and the Greater Toronto Area.
    • For Canada-US Roaming Plan: 1000 Long distance minutes: Valid only when calls are made from Canada.
    • For Canada-US Roaming plan: Subscriber must be (and remain) a Canadian resident and the majority of your usage must be in Canada. Max. data usage per user may be capped at 10 GB/ billing period while in the U.S. Includes texts sent to a Canadian or U.S. phone number while in Canada and U.S., texts received while in Canada or the U.S. and excludes premium texts. While in the U.S., calls or texts to numbers that are outside of Canada and the U.S. are not included and will be billed at $1.45/min for calls and $0.15/text. Roaming outside Canada and the U.S. not included. Sending and receiving picture or video messaging in the U.S. use data from your rate plan.